Why was the cost of the call different than I expected?
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The per minute rate is calculated based on a few different variables.  

Such as but not limited to:

A) Is the call incoming or outgoing?
B) Is the call international?
    1) Example would be a call outbound to a international destination / phone number i.e. France
    2) Another example would be a call inbound to a toll-free phone number from an international country, i.e. Canada
C) Is the call coming from a SIP address?
D) Is the call going to a SIP address?
E) Is the call on-network
F) Is the call off-network

The easiest way to understand the billing semantics is to think of a call being bi-directional (incoming + outgoing).  It will have a point of origination and a destination.

Lets say you have a call to one of your toll-free phone numbers that is than being forwarded onto your mobile phone.

The incoming rate of the call would be $0.025/minute (incoming to your toll-free phone number)

The outgoing rate of the call would be $0.010/minute (outgoing to your mobile phone)

The total rate for this call would than be determined by adding these two rates together, the rate per minute would than be calculated as follows:

$0.025 + $0.010 = $0.035/minute

The cost of the call would be computed as follows:

$0.035/minute * Duration of Call (Minutes) = Total Cost of Call

Please be sure to reference the following link for all up to date call costs:

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