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Cloned Line
Posted by Daniel C on 24 May 2010 02:37 PM
A 2nd line cloned is not another telephone number. The device that you receive from us has two phone ports in it. By default, the second port is a clone of the first port. It is essentially two lines in one.

If you receive a call on your number, both phone ports will ring. You can answer the call from either port.

An example scenario: Your teenager daughter is abusing her phone privileges. You're expecting an important call from your wife.
You have two phones hooked up to your device.

A cordless phone which you rarely see is connected to Phone Port 1. A desk phone is connected to Phone Port 2.
The first port is in use because your daughter is on the line. When you receive a call, the first port will hear the normal call waiting tone. The second port will ring. You can pick up the call on the second port.

The two ports operate independently of each other. If one is in use, the other can be used for incoming or outgoing calls.

The 2nd line cloned must be at the same location. It can not be used at another location.
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