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Setting up a new voicemail box
Posted by Daniel C on 08 January 2010 07:49 AM
1) Login to your vPanel at
2) Click on the light blue tab "Beta".
3) Click "Voicemail" in the dark blue tab in white text.
4) Enter a mailbox name, then click on "Create Mailbox".
5) Click on the voicemail box's name that you just created.

It should have "enabled" selected by default. Enter a 4 digit PIN into the Password prompt. This will be used to check your messages via a telephone. In the "Send Email Notification To:" field, enter an email address if you wish to be notified via email to new messages. If you select "Attach Message File" to "Yes", you will receive an email containing the voicemail message within an audio file attachment.

In the box for "Send SMS Notification To:" you can enter an email address for your cellular telephone provider's SMS gateway. The common format is mobilenumber@gateway. This will send a short message via email to the gateway for it to be sent to you as SMS. To find your gateway, find a list on wikipedia.

6) Click on "Save Changes".

7) Click on "Phone Numbers" on the top of the browser window.
8) Check the box to the left of the telephone number you wish to modify.
9) To the right of the telephone number you wish to enable voicemail on, select the voicemail box name in the drop down menu under the "Voicemail" column.
10) Click "Save Changes".
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