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Why does my Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) always stay on?
Posted by - NA - on 13 November 2008 09:00 AM
It seems that nearly all users with MWI issues are users using an ATA behind a router. It's likely the "off signal" is being blocked in some cases. This is why we strongly suggest placing your Linksys RT31P2 in front of your router.

Nearly all issues are resolved by doing this, and that's why we do not officially support using the device behind a router. Many (but not all) routers block various traffic and cause problems.

If the problem persists please follow the instructions provided below:

1. Log in to and click Voicemail
2. In the subcategory titled "Select Mailbox," click the "Update MWI" button to update your device and change the MWI status to what it should be

Your MWI light should now be off. If your problem still persists, please contact support toll-free at 877.99.VOIPO or via email at

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