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Why do I not have a dial tone?
Posted by - NA - on 13 November 2008 08:58 AM
If you are unable to hear a dial tone, in most instances it is because the phone adapter is not registering properly with our servers. Before contacting technical support please be sure to check the following causes and document the results so that we can properly assess the problem and find a solution:

Internet Connection

  • To see if your Internet connection is functioning properly, open up from a computer that is on the same network as your VOIPo device.

Device IP Address

  • To check your device IP address Dial "****" into your phone and select menu option "110#". The device will then read out an IP Address. You want to make sure that it does not read out zeros as they are not valid. An example would be (

Intermittent Dial Tone

  • In the case where you have a dial tone sometimes and not others your router may not be registering your device properly. If this is the case click the link below for further instruction.


  • There may be a problem with your phone so try using a different phone to make sure that the problem does not derive from the phone itself. Make sure that your telephone cable is plugged into Phone1 on the back of your VOIPo adapter.

If your problem still persists please contact support toll free at 877.99.VOIPO or via email at
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