Sample Number Transfer Letter of Authorization
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VOIPo Letter of Authorization
Thank you for selecting VOIPo. Number Portability allows you to keep your current number while
changing your service provider. Upon receipt of this form, we will start the transfer process and work with
your existing carrier to transfer your number. The porting process typically takes up to 20 business days.
1) If you have distinctive ring, a PIC freeze, or a carrier change restriction, you must remove it prior to
porting your number. If you make changes to features or services with your existing provider, it could
delay or interrupt the porting process.
2) If you have a contract with your current provider that prohibits porting, you cannot port your number.
3) The service address and name on this form must be the same as the records of your current provider,
or your transfer request will be rejected.
4) Do NOT call your existing carrier to cancel service while we are attempting the transfer, or you will not
be able to keep your telephone number. (To ensure that your account has
been cancelled, contact the carrier five business days after the transfer completes.)
5) VOIPo will need a copy of a phone bill, or account summary page, dated within 30 days of today, that
includes the number to be transferred and the account holder’s name.
First and Last Name: __________________________________
Number to be Transferred: _____________________________
Current Provider: ______________________
Your Address As It Appears on Current Service Provider’s Invoice:
You are required to submit this form as verification that you would like VOIPo to provide telephone
service for the number you listed. With traditional telephone service, you can select different carriers for
different types of service. In order to use VOIPo, you will need to check ALL three boxes below to
authorize us to provide you with all three services for the phone number in question.
[ ] Yes, I select VOIPo as the carrier for ALL local calls for this number.
[ ] Yes, I select VOIPo as the carrier for ALL local toll calls for this number.
[ ] Yes, I select VOIPo as the carrier for ALL long distance and international calls for this number.
By signing below, I authorize VOIPo LLC or its designated agent to act on my behalf and port the
telephone number listed on this form to VOIPo or its agent. I authorize the release of any information from
my existing telephone provider to VOIPo. I understand all fees associated with VOIPo services and/or
this transfer and understand that I may consult with VOIPo at 281-617-2000 for such information. I am
authorized to make these changes for this telephone number.
Signature: ___________________________________________________ Date: ________________
To begin processing please send this form along with a copy of your current telephone bill, or account
summary page (dated within 30 days) to or fax to 832-426-7700 to. You will be
notified by e-mail when the port is submitted and when an estimated completion date has been set.
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