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Call Blocking (Custom Inbound Route)
Posted by on 10 October 2014 09:52 AM
Route calls based upon your own unique criteria, all from the comfort of your web based vPanel account (located under Features -> Call routes-Incoming). Add specific numbers to route, define groups/contacts, or create your own custom rules (such as, 555*, this will route all numbers from area code 555)
One of six actions can be specified for the "Call Route" defined.  
      1) Whitelist (always accept calls from this 'call route')
      2) Blacklist (blocks the call for the defined 'call route')
      3) Busy Signal (sends the 'call route' to a busy signal)
      4) Disconnect (play a disconnect message)
      5) Voicemail (send the caller directly to your voicemail)
      6) Forward (allows you to forward the call to an alternate number)

 Global settings such as Block all calls marked as Private or Block all Unknown calls, and blocking International calls are available under the Feature section of your VOIPo vPanel.
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